We are currently partnering with an Innovative Technology Company who are growing their Data Engineering & Data Science team. So we are looking for a Data Scientist with four to five years of commercial experience, ideally working on advanced analytics & Machine Learning projects. To be successful in this role you must have a great mix of Technical Data Science and Software Engineering skills along with strong stakeholder engagement and project delivery experience.

Senior Data Scientist Machine Learning & AI

Location: Brisbane
Job Posted: January 2020

Key Skills:

    • Research, design and prototype robust and scalable models based on machine learning, data mining, and statistical modeling to answer key business problems
    • Build tools and support structures needed to analyse data, perform elements of data cleaning, feature selection and feature engineering and organise experiments in conjunction with best practices
    • Strong technical skills on machine learning/AI with proven track record. These technical skills include, but not limited to, regression techniques, neural networks, decision trees, clustering, pattern recognition, probability theory, stochastic systems, Bayesian inference, statistical techniques, deep learning, supervised learning, unsupervised learning
    • Work with development teams & business groups to ensure models can be implemented as part of a delivered solution replicable across many clients
    • Present findings to stakeholders to drive improvements and solutions from concept through to delivery
    • Keep abreast of the latest developments in the field by continuous learning and proactively champion promising new methods relevant to the problems at hand.
    • Demonstrated history of driving and delivering analytics models and solutions
    • Deep knowledge of fundamentals of machine learning, data mining and statistical predictive modeling, and extensive experience applying these methods to real-world
    • A breadth of skills and experience in machine learning – diverse types of data, diverse data sources, different types of learning models, diverse learning settings
    • Ability and inclination to work in multi-disciplinary environments, and desire to see ideas realised in practice
    • Demonstrated ability to propose novel solutions to problems, performing experiments to show the feasibility of their solutions and working to refine the solutions into a real-world context
    • Strong analytical, written, and verbal communication skills

If you have made a positive commitment to further your career and you possess the above attributes then please apply to this role, if you require further information on this then please contact DATA TALENT on 1300 763 895 for a confidential chat.